Roadmaster Granite Peak Review

Outdoor bicycle rides have been never easier until the release of some mountain bikes offered by esteemed manufacturers. The majority of bikers might look forward to finding inexpensive bicycles yet loaded with features. While price often stands on the riders’ way to having suitable mountain bikes, some manufacturers fortunately roll out products like Roadmaster Granite Peak which meets the demands of beginners and veterans alike.

With just a few very minor issues, this bike can be a great bang for your tight budget. Considering the overall popularity and performance of this bike, we have put here a practically useful review that comes with some examined findings.

Why can you think over the merit of this pick?

This bike is suitable for those with,

  • A need for feature-rich MTB at only an affordable price
  • No intention to replace the bike anytime soon
  • A desire to start mountain biking
  • A hope of making some delicate maneuvers using years of mountain biking experience

In view of these points, you may find this MTB quite worthy of your consideration and budget; no matter if you are a new or highly experienced mountain biker.

Full Specifications

  • Frame: Steel
  • Suspension: Front forkroadmaster_granite_peak
  • Gearing System: 18 Speeds
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano
  • Brakes: Linear Pull
  • Rims: Alloy
  • Handlebar: Steel
  • Hand Brakes: Alloy
  • Seat: Padded
  • Pedals: Standard Size
  • Wheels: 26 Inches
  • Crank: 3-Piece
  • Shifters: 18 Speed SRAM Drive Twist Shifters
  • Weight: 38.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 53″ x 32″ x 8″

Important Highlights

Framermgp frame

The corrosion resistant frame is made of solid steel which makes the bike sturdy and capable of taking too much pressure. The steel handlebar also seems much strong. However, you might wish for a lighter bicycle.

Wheel & Tire

The 26-inch wheels allow riders, even the beginners, to control the bike with ease. The tires come with solid engineering that enables them to endure the rigors yielded by grime or sidewalk.


The crankset consists of a 3-piece hill crank that offers wide equipment range while the linear draw brakes give you superb braking capability.


You can be happy with the 18 speeds and particularly the SRAM drive wind shifters which allow you to alter gears quite comfortably and efficiently. So, stopping quite fast and ascending with speed can be enjoyable.

Suspension Fork

This part is all about quality, meaning that you cannot ride on a bike with substandard suspension fork. This bike’s fork will surely allow for optimum control while on rough terrains.


  • Extremely affordablermgp_fork
  • The suspension system being crafted to protrusion and offer control
  • Ideal for both smooth and rugged or unpaved terrains
  • Good stopping capability
  • Wheels being manufactured to offer sturdiness and control
  • Efficient gearing system
  • Easy assembly requiring no expert’s assistance


  • Uncomfortable and smaller seat
  • Regular adjustment of brakes required
  • Susceptibility to both little and big scratches too easily

Customers’ Words

The bike has earned very enviable remarks from most of its users who tend to talk about overall performance. Therermgp_crank_gear_wheel are complaints about the gear changing procedure. Some dislike the gearing system’s sluggishness while being commanded to gear changes. Many riders also suggested that the slowness is not a big deal.

Some users found the seat to be not relaxing. However, you can get yourself a comfortable one if required.

Final Words

If you draw a contrast between the bike’s price and its features and performance, you will soon come down to a conclusion that better MTBs will obviously cost higher prices. It means your budget can be well spent if it is spent on a bike like this one.


Frequently Asked Questions about Roadmaster Granite Peak

Does Roadmaster Granite Peak come preassembled?

No. But, you can use the manual to assemble the bike in just half an hour.

Do I need tools to assemble the bike?

Yes. A Phillips Screw Driver and two crescent wrenches.

How much can the bike carry?

As much as 300 lbs/ 136 kilograms.

Can people taller than 5.5 feet use this bike?

Yes. People who are as tall as 6 feet can also use the bike with comfort.

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